What Happens After The Princess Leaves?

It’s always a sad moment when the visit is over and the princess leaves. But don’t despair! There are still plenty of activities that can be done to keep the party going. Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Cake: The best way to redirect the energy of a party is to serve the cake. The character will sing the Birthday Song and make a soft exit while plates are passed around.

-DIY Accessories: If your visit didn't include a craft time and you have time to fill before the food, it's time to bust out the glue sticks and glitter! Kids Activities Blog is an excellent source of inspiration!

-Painting: Set up a “painting station” where guests can paint pictures. Make sure to cover the table with paper or cloth, have small cups of water to rinse brushes in, and extra paper plates for the paint.

-Coloring: Worried about mess? Print out themed coloring pages of the princess for guests to color.

-Punch Board: Dizzy children with baseball bats are a thing of the past. You can buy from party places like Oriental Trading Company OR make your own! So, what exactly is a Punch Box? They come in many sizes, but most commonly 20 smaller compartments. Just fill it with small gifts. Once the compartments are loaded with your party favors, the lid has paper-covered holes that line up with each prize compartment. Now, your party guests randomly pick a hole, punch through the tissue paper and grab their prize from the chosen compartment. Check out this super helpful tutorial.

These are just a few ideas – use your imagination and let your guests have fun!

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