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Here, There Be Mermaids

Explore the seven seas with the only professional pod of mermaids in Omaha! Our experienced mermaids are perfect for pool parties, classrooms and more. With our crew of family-friendly pirates along for the ride, you can expect singing, swimming, even lessons about how to be friends with the ocean. It's guaranteed to be gut-busting fun for all ages.



Our diverse pod of Mermaid actors provide an enchanting experience to bring your child's dreams to life. Our Mermaids come in all of the colors of the rainbow with bubbly personalities to match. Let us bring the magic of the ocean to your special event.



Our Pirate actors will bring swashbuckling fun to your event! Our experienced actors will create an immersive experience for your little ones, with pirate-themed games and activities suitable for all ages. Our Pirate actors are sure to make your event a magical and memorable experience

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Swimming Parties

Having a pool party? Our mermaids are well-trained and use professional grade swimmable tails and can entertain with their graceful swimming and playful antics, providing children with a memorable experience as they swim with a real-life mermaid. 

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