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Characters & Stories

Fairytale Omaha has all of the most popular princesses available for your event! Make dreams come true by having a genuine princess performer entertain guests of all ages. Our princesses will bring that extra touch of enchantment to turn your party into something truly memorable. 


The Snow Queen

This queen loves to "let it go" at parties big and small. Almost as much as she loves her sister, The Nordic Princess.


The Slipper Princess

A classic princess for a classic party! Despite her humble beginnings, she is very regal and knows how to be a wonderful host. You and your guests will have a magical time waltzing on a dream when you choose this compassionate princess.


The Arabian Princess

This princess loves to sneak out of her palace and experience new places and things. She'll definitely ignite your guests' sense of wonder and maybe teach them her favorite dance! 


The Tower Princess

The Tower Princess discovered that there's a big world to explore, and now she won't stay still! Get ready to dance and run with this energetic princess.


The Amethyst Princess

The Amethyst Princess is still new to being royalty, but she loves all of her animal friends and her new sister very much. We believe anything can be a princess thing. 


Super Heroes

The American Hero, Spider Hero, Wonderful Woman, and Girl of Steel are all a part of our super team of heroes. Each brings their own twist to our hero packages.


The Nordic Princess

This princess enjoys chocolate and playing with magic snowmen, when she's not visiting with her sister The Snow Queen. 


The Mermaid Princess

This princess dreams of being where the people are. If you invite this bubbly princess, she's sure to have a few songs to sing now that she has her voice back. 


The Warrior Princess

The Warrior Princess is the girl who's got a brain and always speaks her mind. She would rather teach you a tai chi routine than to curtsy. 


The Celtic Princess

The Celtic Princess loves to show off her archery skills and meet new bairnes (children) who love adventures as much as she does. When you invite this princess, expect to have a bear-y good time!


The Ruby Princess

The Ruby Princess bravely rules a grand kingdom full of tradition. It's a big task, but with her friends and family beside her she can do anything. 



The Mermaid Princess and her friends love to flip their fins poolside and on their favorite clam shell. Invite up to eight mermaids to make your next gathering a splash! 


The Apple Princess

She is the fairest in all the land and also a lovely party guest. She is helpful, kind, and always enjoys making new friends.


The Mermaid Princess (Halle)

This princess wants to be a part of your world. This adventurous princess loves trying things for the first time and won't let gravity keep pulling her down.


Tinker Fairy

This fairy likes to flit about, spreading faith, trust, and pixie dust! Invite her to land at your next party and she might just bring some fairy friends along.

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The Wayfinder Princess

The Wayfinder Princess will cross oceans to visit your party, if you invite her. She would love to share her favorite stories with you and teach your little ones to tell a story with dance.


The Wonderland Princess

The Wonderland Princess enjoys a good tea party and an even better adventure. Let her teach tea party manners and entertain your little ones. 



The Tinker Fairy and her friends are happiest together! Invite the Rose Fairy, the Sun Fairy, & the Animal Fairy to your next big event.

Fairy Friends are great additions to outdoor events in gardens and parks.


The Sleeping Princess

An evil curse forced her to sleep for a hundred years! Your party will be blessed with beauty and grace when you choose this genuine princess. *Dragon Queen also available.


Princess Beauty

Does your little princess want adventure in the great wide somewhere? Princess Beauty loves to go on adventures through stories and books. 

E2 Castle Small-1-3_edited.jpg

The Lilypad Princess

The Lily Pad Princess brings sweet southern charm to any event. Do you have a sweet tooth? Add on a sweet treat to your party and she'll bring it along! Beignets are her favorite. **Sweet Treat add on provided by Kaite Cakes 


The Stardust Princess

The Stardust Princess dazzles with a heart full of dreams. Knowing what she knows now, her sparkling stories make every moment feel like a wish come true. Invite her to your event and let your dreams take flight among the stars!


The Doll Princess

Choose the Classic Doll Princess or Doll Princess Margot for a fashionable experience.


Other Characters

Message a fairy godmother to learn more about themed characters outside of our standard princesses, mermaids, pixies, and superheroes

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